Research: And our winner is...

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Oculus CV1 Research: And our winner is...

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has finished different study and has interesting news for :) has found out all necessaries near weapons... Users had to call 5 preferred models on pistols:) And now we will tell you all truth!..

Weapon Desert Eagle Blaze
Desert Eagle Blaze is the preferred Pistol of gamers. This item is really awesome) This skin is like Ferrari in world:)

Silencer USP gun Kill Confirmed
Honestly participation Kill Confirmed is unexpected for us! This skin doesn'tъвщуы not need presentation. Finishing shot is!

Glock Wasteland Rebel
A single courage must be covert in this item. Users tell that this item has nature of Freeman from Half-Life:)
Our team were not surprised by that choice of players...

Gun Fade glock
Our team were unexpected that this item so famous is! The fade skins are very sought-after but our managers were not expecting that it will be in TOP 5.Lots of players use this item and it is understandable!..

Pistol USP-S Orion
This is one of the most popular items ever:) Both loved by PRO and fans this item is making its job well.This skin was named as the skin from future:)

So now gamers know the results of rating mostly sought-after CS:GO item on weapon!.. Our managers believe investigation owas interesting for users) Go to to spin nice skins and take part in the ongoing Research!..

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